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Who we are:

Group of aspiring entrepreneurs with professional experience in leading advisories, including JP Morgan and Oliver Wyman, as well as top-10 CIS investment banks. Being originally from Ukraine, we possess solid expertise in emerging markets and business startups, and are looking for exceptional people to join our team on exciting projects over the globe.


What we do:

We help our clients grow their businesses, focusing on assistance with strategic planning, financial forecasting as well as fundraising:

  • Devise business model, build solid financial plan, establish winning strategy.
  • Expand existing operations, break into new markets, reach lucrative partnerships.
  • Get in touch with investors, build attractive investment thesis, prepare a winning pitch.

Our customers:
We work with global-minded customers all over the world, from young startups to well established companies:

  • Young promising startups in the need of strategic advice and our network to reach out to investors.
  • Venture capital and PE funds who need help and third opinion on due diligence, valuation, pitching or fund-raising.
  • Established businesses that want to grow their operations in new markets or products, or are considering merger / sale of the business.

Track record:

  • 18 finished projects in 2015
  • 80% of clients from US, UK, Australia
  • Successful fund-raising assignments in 6 countries.